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National University of Singapore

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Centre for Offshore Research & Engineering (CORE)

Research Projects
SMI Deepwater Technology R&D Programme
SMI-2014-OF-12 - Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Scour Due to Vibration of a Steel Catenary Riser(2014-Present)
PI: Dr Low Ying Min
SMI-2014-OF-06 -Numerical & Experimental Investigations on Hydrodynamic et al [Side by Side Operations] (2014-Present)
SMI-2014-OF-07 - Development of Robust & Efficient Methology for Simulation of Catamaran etc al (2014-Present)
SMI-2014-OF-04 - Modeling and Simulations of Fluid-Structure-Soil Interactions for Subsea Freespan Pipelines (2014-Present)
PI: Dr Rajeev Kumar
SMI-2014-OF-03 - Novel Computational Framework and Methology For Nonlinear Fluid-Structure Interaction of Deepwater Floating Structures (2014-Present)
PI: Dr Rajeev Kumar Jaiman
SMI-2014-OF-05 - Analysis of High Voltage AC/DC Power Transmission and Penetration of Renewables for Subsea Power System Distribution Network (2014-Present)
PI: A/P Panda Kumar, NUS
SMI-2014-OF-02 - Extreme Wave Impact on Floating Structures: A Novel Particle Method with Experimental Validation (2014-Present)
PI: Prof Koh Chan Ghee
SMI-2014-OF-08- Hydrodynamic Characteristics in The Moonpool of Drillships (2014-Present)
PI: Dr Bai Wei
SMI-2014-OF-01 - Pipeline-Soil-Water Interaction Effects for Realistic Deepwater Pipeline Design (2014-Present)
PI: Prof Lee Fook Hou
SMI Asset Integrity & Risk Management R&D Programm
SMI-2015-OF-07 - Improving Failure Prediction of Marine Pipeline Weld Microstrcutures et al (2015-Present)
PI: A/P Shailendra Joshi
SMI-2015-OF-06 - An Enhanced Failure Assessment Protocol Based on Accurate Defect Detection & Sizing (2015-Present)
PI: A/P Qian Xudong
SMI-2015-OF-10 - Development of Portable Integrated Laser Ultrasonic Detection System (2015-Present)
PI: Prof Hong Minghui
SMI-2015-OF-12 - Morison Re-written: Extending the Life of Exisiting Offshore Structures and Designing for the Future through Better Prediction of Extreme Environmental Loads (2015-Present)
PI: Prof Choo YS
SMI-2015-OF-09 - Offshore Pipeline Integrity & Risk Due to Natural Induced and Terrain Induced Slug Flow Regime (2015-Present)
PI: A/P Loh WL
SMI-2015-OF-11- Enhancing Fatigue Performance of Plated and Tubular Connections for Asset Integrity (2015-Present)
PI: Prof Choo YS
SMI Maritime Sustainability R&D Programme (MSA)
SMI-2015-MA-08 - Advanced Computational Tools for Fast Analysis and Design of Ships against Vibration and Noise (2016-Present)
PI: A/P Lim Kian Meng
SMI Ad-Hoc Projects
SMI-2014-MA-02 - Viability of Transarctic Shipping Routes & Their Impact Analysis on Maritime Transportation (2014-Present)
Other Grantors
A-STAR - SERC Mechanics and Optimization of Composite Risers (2013-Present)
LRGTC - Hydrodynamic Interaction of Side-by-Side Floating Bodies (IPP) (2015-Present)
PI: Prof Choo Yoo Sang
LRGTC - Multiscale Analysis of Mooring Lines (IPP) (2015-Present)
PI: Dr Low Ying Min
L2NIC - Multi-Purpose Floating Structures - Phase A (2015-Present)
PI: Prof Wang Chien Ming
BV - MPA - Development of A Practical and Reliable Method to Evaluate Dynamic System of Offshore LNG Terminals (2015-Present)
PI: Dr Bai Wei
PGS - Marine Acquisition Efficiency, Simulation, Modeling and Control (2016-Present)
PI: Dr Bai Wei
Halliburton - 2.5D Electromagnetic Modelling (2016-Present)
PI: Prof Arthur Cheng
Other Sponsors
Concrete Filled Tubes System Employing Ultra High-Strength Steel and Concrete
PI: Professor J.Y. Richard Liew
Development of Composite Decking Systems Using Ultra High-Strength Cementitious Material Subjected to Impact Loading
PI: Professor J.Y. Richard Liew
Improved Partial Joint Penetration (PJP-plus) – An Alternative to Complete Penetration Welds in Tubular Connections (2009-2013)
PI: Dr Qian Xudong
Numerical simulation of turbulent waves in coastal zone using a particle level set approach
PI: Dr Bai Wei
Physics and Mechanics of the Breakup of Warm Antarctic Sea Ice
PI: Professor Dempsey, John Patrick
Wave – Current Interaction in the Wake Region of a Bluff Body with Emphasis on Two-Body Dynamics
PI: Mr Ng Keong Tark, Jimmy
Offshore Technology Research Programme (OTRP)
Fracture Resistance and Repair of Critical Joints in Offshore Structures under Hazardous Events (2009-2013)
PI: Dr Qian Xudong
Intelligent Deepwater Mooring System
PI: Professor Ge Shuzhi Sam
Smart Sensing and System Identification for Offshore Structures
PI: Professor Koh Chan Ghee
Subsea Processing – Compact Separators
PI: Associate Professor Loh Wai Lam
Controlled Local Dissociation of Methane Hydrates in Marine Sediments
PI: Professor Tan Thiam Soon
Network Centric Monitoring and Surveying using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)
PI: Dr Mandar Anil Chitre
Pipeline/riser soil interaction analysis
PI: Professor Leung Chun Fai
Spudcan Fixity for Realistic Design of Jack-Up Units (2009-2013)
PI: Professor Lee Fook Hou
High Performance and Lightweight Materials for Cryogenic Conditions and Insulation
PI: Professor Koh Chan Ghee
Numerical simulation of nonlinear sloshing and wave loads on LNG carriers
PI: Professor Khoo Boo Cheong
Storage of methane gas at low pressures using sorption method
PI: Professor Ng Kim Choon
Lloyd’s Register Educational Trust (LRET)
Research into Connection System for Very Large Floating Structures (2010-2014)
PI: Professor Wang Chien Ming
Ice Slurry Formation In Sea Water By Direct Contact Cooling Of Liquefied Natural Gas: Laboratory and Prototype Testing
PI: Professor Ng Kim Choon
Optical Gas Remote Detection
PI: Professor Choo Yoo Sang
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)
Curved Steel-Concrete Sandwich System for Arctic Region (2011-2014)
PI: Professor J.Y. Richard Liew
Failure Assessment of Thick-Walled Circular Hollow Section (CHS) Joints in Jack-ups – Phase I: Development of the Fundamental Approach (2010-2012)
PI: Dr Qian Xudong
Steel-Concrete-Steel Sandwich Composite System for Marine and Offshore Applications
PI: Professor J.Y. Richard Liew
Modelling and Mitigation of LNG Sloshing in Membrane Tanks
PI: Professor Koh Chan Ghee