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National University of Singapore

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Centre for Offshore Research & Engineering (CORE)

BEng Specializations

B.Eng (Civil) with Specialization in Offshore Engineering in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

The offshore engineering specialization programme has been designed to empower a selected group (about 20 per year) of CE graduates with key skills and knowledge in offshore structures, hydrodynamics, seafloor engineering, control and even chemical processes so that they can join the Offshore and Marine Industry.

Students on the engineering specialization must take the following modules:

CE5703/OT5202 Analysis & Design of Offshore Structures
CE5307 Offshore Hydrodynamics
CE4103 Design Project (A final year design project on Offshore Structures)
CE4104 B.Eng Dissertation (A final year research project in Offshore and Marine Engineering on topics such as jack-up
platforms, FPSOs, very large floating structures, semi-submersibles, seafloor engineering, and environmental impact)
EG3602 Vacation Internship Program (a 12-week stint in offshore and marine related companies)


Note: For EG3602, although the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering will do its best to assist in getting these internship placings, the onus is on each student to seek his/her own internship placing.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the Offshore Engineering Specialization

I am a CE Year 2 student. If I take up the offshore engineering specialization, will I be studying modules that are similar to those taken by the other CE2 students? For example, the Structural Analysis module.
Yes, you will do the same modules as the current CE2 students

I am not familiar with the modules stated under the requirements. Do you mind summarizing briefly what are the contents that will be taught in these modules?
For this specialisation, the mandatory modules that you have to take are as listed above. The contents of the modules are given in the Engineering Handbook.

If we have registered for this specialization and we later find that it is not suitable for us, can we leave this specialization? Will we be penalized?
If you do not satisfy the offshore engineering specialisation requirements, your academic transcript will not indicate that you have read the offshore engineering specialisation. You may choose to leave the specialization without any penalty. But please do inform us if you want to opt out of the specialization.

What does an offshore engineer do?
Answer: Click here to see typical career track.


For further details on the admission and application procedures, please refer to


B.Eng (Mechanical) with Specialization in Offshore Oil & Gas Technology in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Students in this specialization will work on oil & gas related design and final year projects, and are encouraged to participate in relevant industry attachments.

To qualify for this specialization, a student must pass at least three modules from the list below and the Specialization Study module ME4105. Students in this specialization program are also required to do their BEng Dissertation (8 MCs) in an area related to Offshore Oil & Gas Technology.

Group A (Compulsory Modules)

GE3244 Fundamentals in Petroleum Geoscience
(Compulsory - Fulfill Breadth requirements) (August)
ME4105 Offshore Oil & Gas Technology (Compulsory) (August)


Group B

ME3211 Mechanics of Solids (August)
ME3233 Unsteady Flow in Fluid Systems (January)
ME4213 Vibration Theory and Application (January)
ME4245 Robot Kinematics, Dynamics and Control (August)
ME4254 Materials in Engineering Design (August)
ME4261 Tool Engineering (January)
ME5506 Corrosion of Materials (January)


Note: Students taking the Offshore Oil & Gas specialization must take Group A modules and at least another TWO modules from GROUP B. For ME5506 module, only Stage 4 students with CAP = or > 3.5 are allowed to read level 5000 modules.


For further details on the admission and application procedures, please refer to