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National University of Singapore

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Centre for Offshore Research & Engineering (CORE)


With the continual demand for oil, coupled with the depletion of conventional sources, the exploration and production of offshore oil & gas has provided a worldwide impetus and market for competitive design, engineering, construction and installation of drilling and production facilities. The long term world demand is expected to continue to increase while the existing production fields are declining at 4% to 6%. The search for new offshore oil & gas fields is evident, especially in very deep waters and in the arctic. Hence, the growth of the offshore oil & gas industry world-wide is expected to be rapid. Singapore is a global leader capturing around 70% of the world market in jack-up rigs new built and 70% of semi-submersibles and FPSO conversions. Key players in this industry (such as Keppel and SembCorp Marine) and government agencies (A*STAR, EDB and MPA) have approached CORE to develop strong research and manpower training programs in Offshore Technology to meet the offshore oil & gas industry’s need for highly trained manpower.

The Faculty of Engineering offers a BEng (Civil) with specialization in Offshore Engineering by the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and a BEng (Mechanical) with specialization in Offshore Oil & Gas Technology by the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Faculty also offers a MSc in Offshore Technology which is co-hosted by the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Department of Mechanical Engineering. This integrated multi-disciplinary program will leverage on the strengths of the two departments to better meet the technical know-how and expertise requirements of the offshore oil & gas industry. The PhD programme will provide the much needed manpower to drive R&D in Offshore & Marine Technology.