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National University of Singapore

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Centre for Offshore Research & Engineering (CORE)

About CORE


The Centre for Offshore Research and Engineering (CORE) is a Faculty Research Centre which was established in October 2003.

CORE's Mission:

- To be a leading Centre in research & development, and education & manpower training for the advancement of the offshore and marine industry.

CORE's key objectives:

- To develop strategic research & development programmes that result in knowledge generation and intellectual property creation;

- To develop education programmes and manpower training for Singapore's offshore and marine industry; and

- To actively promote R&D collaboration with industry, A*STAR research institutes and tertiary institutions to transform Singapore into an offshore and marine hub of global significance

CORE's activities are supported by the following Professorships:

a) Keppel Professorship

b) Lloyd's Register Foundation Professorship

c) MPA Maritime Technology Professorship

d) EDB Subsea Engineering Professorships Programme ($5.65 million funding from EDB)

e) EDB Petroleum Engineering Professorships Programme ($10 million funding from EDB)

CORE's industry engagement is characterized by the following Joint Industry Projects (JIP):

a) JIP on Static and Fatigue Strength of Grout-Reinforced Tabular Joints

Sponsors: ABS; ClassNK; Densit; Lloyd's Register; McDermott International; Petronas Carigali; Tata Steel

b) JIP on Improved Partial Joint Penetration (PJP-plus)

Sponsors: ABS, HGG, McDermott, Nippon Steel

c) JIP on Spudcan-Pile Interaction

Sponsors: ABS; ExxonMobil; Shell UK; Total SA; Keppel Offshore & Marine

d) JIP on Spudcan-Footprint Mitigation

Sponsors: ABS; ConocoPhilips; ExxonMobil; Fugro; GL Noble Denton; Keppel Offshore & Marine; Maersk Drilling; MPA

e) InSafe JIP (Jack-up Foundation Assessment Study)

Project Team: RPS Energy; NUS; University of Oxford; University of Western Australia

Sponsors: ABS; ConocoPhilips; ExxonMobil; Shell UK; Braemar Falconer; Fugro; Geo-Danish Geotechnical Insitute; Global Maritime; Noble Drilling; GL Noble Denton; Premier Oil & Gas Services: Premium Drilling/COSL; DONG Energy; HSE UK; ENSCO International; Keppel Offshore & Marine; Maersk Drilling; Matthews Daniel; Transocean (Global Santa Fe)

f) JIP on Mooring Structural Integrity

Sponsors: ABS; ClasssNK; ExxonMobil; Franklin Offshore Lloyd's Register; Singapore Maritime Institute

CORE's R&D activities are well-funded through several major R&D programmes:

a) Offshore Technology Research Programme ($10 million research programme funded by A*STAR and MPA)

b) Multiphase Flow Analysis for Downhole Oil & Gas Equipment ($4.94m research programme funded by A*STAR)

c) Materials Innovation for Marine & Offshore Industry ($3.67m research programme funded by A*STAR)

d) Deepwater Technology (funded by Singapore Maritime Institute with co-funding from companies)

Keppel-NUS Corporate Laboratory

CORE secured funding from the National Research Foundation (NRF) to establish the Keppel-NUS Corporate Laboratory (with co-funding from Keppel and NUS). The $75 million Corp Lab is established under the NRF's Corp Lab @ University scheme to support Singapore's autonomous universities in their conduct of industry-relevant research with companies as partners.

The aim of the Corp Lab is to create a synergistic industry-university partnership to pursue three main research thrusts which are centred on Future Systems, Future Yards and Future Resources to meet the challenges of the offshore industry.

The research thrust on Future Systems will focus on two themes, namely a) Deepwater Technology, and b) Arctic Technology which aim to develop innovative systems for deep & ultra-deep water, and the Arctic for oil & gas exploration and production. Future Yards will focus on the theme of Productivity Enhancement of Yard Operations which aims to use more efficient and advanced production methods to replace or augment manual operations to enhance the productivity and safety of the yards. The research thrust on Future Resources will focus on the theme of Deepsea Seabed Nodule Harvesting to develop core competencies in environmental impact assessment and environmentally-benign exploration and harvesting technology to harvest polymetallic nodules, which contain precious minerals such as manganese, cobalt, nickel and coppper, at water depths of 4000m to 5000m in the Clarion-Clipperton zone in the East Pacific Ocean.

The Corporate Laboratory's vision is to be a global technology centre of excellence in the pursuit of resources in a safe and responsible manner from harsh environments and ocean beds, perserving and sustaining our environment. Its mission is to undertake R&D through Keppel's core competencies and NUS' research expertise for solutions to Deepwater, Arctic and other fields. Leveraging on the expertise of NUS research centres such as the NUS Centre for Offshore Research & Engineering (CORE) and NUS Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI), as well as Keppel's research unit Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Centre, the Corporate Laboratory will develop capabilities and technologies to maintain Singapore's position as a global leader in the offshore and marine industry.


Professor Chow Yean Khow
Executive Director
Centre for Offshore Research & Engineering