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National University of Singapore

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Centre for Offshore Research & Engineering (CORE)

Direct Methods To Determine The Fracture Resistance Curve For Steel Pipes With Circumferential Surface Crack

11 January 2017


The use of material J-R curve derived from through-thickness fracture specimens in the fracture mechanics based structural reliability analysis of critical components such as pipes, pressure vessels and large steel storage tanks leads to over conservative assessment of safe load and acceptable crack size. The transferability of the specimen or material J-R curve to the fracture resistance in a structural component thus represents the critical challenge in the structural integrity assessments. This seminar addresses the above issue and presents two direct methods to measure the fracture resistance for surface-cracked pipes. The first procedure is an extension of the ?- unloading compliance method commonly employed for standard through-thickness fracture specimen. This method utilizes the experimentally measured load versus deformation curve with multiple unloading-reloading cycles to measure the energy release rate and the corresponding crack extension. The second method is a hybrid method based on the principles of multiple specimen method. This method combines the experimentally measured load-deformation curve from a single specimen and numerically computed load-deformation curves from multiples specimens with different crack sizes to estimate J-R curve. Both these methods measure the J-R curve for surface-crack pipes with reasonable accuracy.

About the Speaker

Neha Parool
PhD student, NUS

Ms. Neha Parool has obtained her M.Tech in Structural Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (India). She is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS). Her research mainly focuses on the ductile fracture resistance of surface cracked steel pipes.

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DATE: Wednesday, 11 January 2017

4:30 pm to 6.00 pm


EA #06-07, Faculty of Engineering

National University of Singapore


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